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Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned vehicles

You can report an abandoned vehicle using our online ‘Report it’ form.

What is an abandoned vehicle?

A vehicle is only abandoned ‘where it appears to a local authority that a motor vehicle is abandoned without lawful authority…’ (Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978). This means that a vehicle is only abandoned when the authorised officer at the local authority decides that it is abandoned. The term “vehicle” in this context means a motor vehicle or trailer or anything which forms part of a motor vehicle or trailer including any item contained within it.

If a registered keeper has any interest in a vehicle it can not be treated as abandoned for the purposes of this legislation.

What are the problems caused by abandoned vehicles?

There are various problems caused by abandoned vehicles including:

  • Negative effect on local environmental quality;
  • Risk of injury;
  • Leaking dangerous fluids;
  • Attracting vandalism;
  • Vehicles can be the result of, or lead to a crime;

For this reason, North Kesteven District Council takes a proactive approach to vehicles believed to be abandoned.

How does the Local Authority determine whether a vehicle is abandoned?

The following criteria are used to determine a vehicles status:

If the vehicle is burnt out or is unlocked/keys in the ignition, arrangements will be made to remove the vehicle without notice.

If the vehicle is not displaying a current tax disc and there is no reg. keeper on DVLA website, arrangements will be made to remove the vehicle without notice.

If the vehicle shows 3 or more of the following criteria, arrangements will be made to remove the vehicle: stationary for significant. period, damaged or unroadworthy, missing wheels / flat tyres, missing number plate/s, contains waste, local residents or police have no knowledge of owner or if no consent has been given for it to be parked.

Abandoned vehicles and the law

More information is available on our law page regarding this topic.

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