The Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review/ Community Trigger

The Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review (also known as the Community Trigger) is a safety net for victims of persistent anti-social behaviour (ASB). It gives victims the right to request a formal review of their case.

There is a local threshold that must be met, in Lincolnshire it is as follows: 

  • The victim has reported three separate, but related incidents (within 30 days of taking place) to either the district council, police, or registered housing provider within the previous 6-month period and feel no effective action has been taken to resolve the ASB which persists.


  • A senior manager (district council Community Safety Manager/Police Inspector) within the authority decides that a case review is necessary to safeguard a vulnerable victim of ASB.

A single incident which is reported to more than one agency only constitutes as one incident.

The ASB Case Review brings agencies (such as the police, district council and registered housing provider) together to take a joined up, problem solving approach to try to find a solution to the ongoing ASB.

The ASB Case Review is not an alternative complaints procedure and will not review concerns about service provision. Service complains should be directed to the complaints procedure for the relevant agency. 

A victim of ASB, or another person acting on their behalf (with consent), such as a carer or family member, Member of Parliament, local councillor or other professional. 

The victim may be an individual, a business or a community group.

Following a request for an ASB Case Review it will be assigned to a specific point of contact who has had no direct involvement in the case. They will gather the required information from the relevant agencies to decide whether the threshold has been met.  

If met, a review of the case will be carried out to identify how partners responded to the complaints and any further actions that can be taken to try to resolve the issues.  Victims will also be given the opportunity to either attend the initial part of the review or provide a written statement to share the effect the ASB has had.