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Rights and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities

The new tenant takes on all the rights and responsibilities of the tenancy of the property that they move into.

Different landlords and types of  tenancies may have different rights and responsibilities than your current tenancy. Please make sure you know your rights and responsibilities if you intend to swap.

Are there any other rules about swapping my property?

You are not allowed to give or receive payment when swapping your property.

You cannot exchange your property until given permission by your landlord. The landlord may go to court to evict you from the property you have moved into.

If you are swapping your tenancy you will be seen as accepting the property in its current condition.

For example, if it needs decorating, or there are non-standard items that are the current tenant’s responsibility, then you will be responsible for these items as well. 

If the tenant you intend to swap with says that work is planned,either to the property or area, please check this with the landlord of the property.