What to do if you find someone to swap with

Contact your Housing Officer and ask for an application form. Fill this in and then send it back to us. Both parties intending to carry out the mutual exchange must complete a form.

What happens next?

Your landlord will consider your exchange application. After this is done we will then visit to inspect the property. We aim to make a decision on your application as soon as we can, but the Council may need to make further enquiries with another landlord, which could take some extra time.

If the exchange is approved, what happens next?

You will be given a date to sign the paperwork. Everybody, including the people you are swapping with, needs to sign. You will not be asked to sign a new tenancy agreement. You will be asked to sign a ‘Deed of Assignment’. This will be signed at North Kesteven District Council Offices and all parties must attend.

You will then be advised of the date on which the exchange takes place. It will be up to you to arrange the removal and swapping of the keys. Note that you can only claim Housing Benefit for the week that you move in. We will help you in dealing with your Housing Benefit.

Under what circumstances is an exchange refused?

The circumstances where a refusal may be made include:

  • If there is a Court Order or Notice of Seeking Possession
  • The property is much larger than needed by the household that you are swapping with
  • The property is too small for the household that you intend to swap with
  • The property is for a person with special needs, and after the swap a person with special needs would not be living there

We will notify you in writing if the exchange is refused and tell you why. If you are not happy with the decision, you are entitled to ask that a manager reviews the decision.

You may have to do certain things before you exchange. This may include, for example, clearing any outstanding rent arrears.