Exchange your home

Exchange your home

Mutual exchange is where a tenant swaps their property and tenancy with another tenant. The swap must be with a tenant of a registered social landlord. When you swap, the tenancy itself continues. It is the tenant who changes; the tenancy continues to run on the property.  

Who you can swap with?

Any tenant who holds a secure or assured tenancy with another registered social landlord.

How do I find someone to swap with?

We have a free scheme that enables tenants to find someone to swap their tenancy with. To do this simply register your details on the Homeswapper website.

Once you have found a suitable exchange partner, you should visit each other’s home to make sure you are happy with your choice. For your own safety, make sure a friend or relative is with you when you visit or when your exchange partner visits you.

You will have all the rights and responsibilities of the current tenancy transferred to you. This means in agreeing to the exchange you are accepting the condition of the property you are moving to, including:

  • The standard of the decoration
  • Any alterations that have been carried out by the other tenant
  • Any damage to the property

If any of these things need to be put right after the exchange, you will be responsible for arranging it yourself or for any costs that may arise if the Council carries out the work.


What to do if you find someone to swap with

Rights and responsibilities

The new tenant takes on all the rights and responsibilities of the tenancy of the property that they move into.


Suggestions for things to check about the property you would like to move to