Returning the keys

Returning the keys

You must return all keys by noon on the Monday following the last day of your tenancy. A receipt will be issued when the keys are returned. In the case of a dispute, you will need the receipt.


You may be recharged for the costs and administration, where we consider that certain work is your responsibility when leaving your property. For example,

  • Repairs required where damage is not due to general wear and tear
  • Your house and garden have not been cleared of rubbish before you leave the property
  • Any fixtures and fitting that you have added which need to be removed and
  • Removal of sheds, greenhouses, garden furniture and pots etc.

If in doubt please contact a Repairs Officer for more information.

You may not be allowed to move to another council property in the future if you owe us money.

What else should I arrange before handing in the keys?

  • Read the electricity meter and tell your supplier you are moving
  • Turn off the water at the stop-cock
  • Notify Post Office of change of address
  • Tell Telephone Company you are moving
  • Turn gas supply off, read meter and tell supplier you are moving
  • Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries