Ending a tenancy

Ending a tenancy

Moving home can be a stressful experience. When you move out of your property, either to transfer into another Council property or somewhere else, it is hard to remember everything you need to do.

You must give four weeks notice in writing if you are moving out of your home. When you let us know you are moving out of your home, we will send you a “termination notice” to sign. A termination notice is a document, which ends your tenancy. The only time you do not have to give four weeks notice is when you are transferring to another North Kesteven District Council tenancy.

During the notice period no property inspection will be made. It is your responsibility to leave your home in a good condition.

Returning the keys

You must return all keys by noon on the Monday following the last day of your tenancy.

Rent and benefits

When you hand in your keys, your rent account must be clear.


Remember to make arrangements for your pets when you move. If you are not allowed to keep pets in your new home, telephone the RSPCA for advice.

Joint tenancy

If you are a joint tenant you should be aware of the following