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Paying your rent

Paying your rent

You can pay your rent on our Online Payments page.

How we calculate your rent    

The Government tells us how to work out your new rent, they are trying to make sure all social landlords in the same area charges similar rents (this includes Councils and Housing Associations).

Because the formula for the increase changes from year-to-year, we send you information on how it has been calculated with the letter telling you what your new rent will be in April every year. We always give you at least four weeks’ notice of the increase in rent.

Rent is the money you pay to the Council for your home and the other housing-related services you receive. It is a weekly charge
that is due in advance every Monday. It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay it on time. If it is not paid, then arrears of rent are created. If you do not pay your rent in full every week, then your payments must be in advance.

Even if you are getting benefits, it is up to you to make sure your rent account stays up-to-date.  

We can refer you to the Council’s Money Advice Service for advice on benefits and help in managing any debts you may have, not just rent arrears.  

Why you must pay your rent   

Your rent is part of your legally binding tenancy agreement. If you keep a clear rent account you will be able to:

  • Transfer to another property if you are on the transfer list and have enough points
  • Swap homes with another council or housing association
  • Obtain a good reference from the District Council if you want to buy your home
  • Have your non-secure tenancy made secure, giving you more rights and security

Our commitments to you

We will:

  • Listen to and respond to all enquiries fairly and consistently
  • Send a rent statement to all current tenants every 13 weeks
  • Refund credits on rent accounts within 28-days of receiving a request in writing
  • Visit you at home if you ask us to
  • Provide information in different languages, Braille, large print and on audio tape if you require it 

The rent year

Your rent is calculated on a 48-week year rather than a 52-week year and runs from April to March. If all your payments are up-to-date, there will be four weeks when you pay no rent. These are the two weeks over Christmas and New Year and the two weeks at the end of March.