Rent arrears hearing

Rent arrears hearing

What is a rent arrears hearing?

The Council takes rent arrears very seriously. We can and do take legal action against tenants who are continually in arrears. Taking people to court will only be done as a last resort. This is because the tenant has to pay costs of around £300 and risks losing their home. The Rent Arrears Hearing is used to try and avoid legal action - after this, the Council’s solicitors get involved.

Who is at the hearing?

The Housing Officer and other relevant members of the Housing Team will be at the Hearing.

If you have been invited it is very important you attend - it is your chance to sort things out. You are welcome to have a representative with you.

What happens at the hearing?

  1. The Housing Officer will talk about your rent account, including payments that you have made or missed and any Housing Benefit you receive.
  2. You will explain your circumstances. The Housing Manager will question the Housing Officer and tenant, and then summarise what has taken place. Both parties will then get written confirmation of what has been agreed.