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Garage Rent Arrears

Garage Rent Arrears

Garage tenancies are held by both Council house occupiers and private tenants who have to pay VAT on garage rent.

What happens if I fall into arrears with my garage rent ?

Contact the Council’s Customer Service Centre on 01529 414155 immediately and inform the rents section regarding the problem.

A “Notice To Quit” will be served if payments are not made with a notice period of one week. The tenant is notified that at the end of notice period the garage lock will be changed and the garage will be reallocated to the next person on the waiting list. If the debt is not cleared this is referred to the collection agency.

If you have difficulty paying your garage rent, please contact us for help on 01529 414155. If you fall into arrears, it is very important to make contact with us so that we may come to an arrangement to clear the arrears.