Former tenancy arrears

Former tenancy arrears

Tenants of the Council are required to give 4 weeks notice in writing of their intention to end their tenancy and to provide a forwarding or contact address. During this time the tenant will be sent a letter advising them of the end date of their tenancy.

What happens if the rent account is not paid when the tenancy ends?

If at the end of the tenancy there remains rent that is unpaid, the former tenant will be sent a further letter advising legal action if payment of the outstanding debt is not made. We can come to an agreement to make sure that the debt is cleared by in instalments.

Continued failure to respond means the debt will be forwarded to an approved Debt Collector.

How can I make payments?

  • by standing order direct from your bank/building society
  • direct debit
  • Internet payments
  • debit card/credit card
  • by post using cheques or postal orders - please do not send cash through the post.

What does the Debt Collection Agency do?

Tracing: The most common service provided by the agency is tracing. If the tenant has not provided a forwarding address when leaving the property or has moved on again and we do not know where to, the agency will find out and forward the correct address to us. We will then contact the former tenant to recover the debt.

Collection: The agency will also contact the former tenant directly and when appropriate we will ask the agency to collect payment on behalf of the Council.

What is meant by “write off”?

We request that a debt be written off once we have pursued payment as far as our procedures demand. If we are unable to recover the debt, approval to write it off is requested. It does not mean that it is completely cancelled and should the tenant contact us or apply for housing in the future we would still request payment of the debt.

If the debt is written off can it be reinstated at a later date?

Yes. The debt is written off for accounting purposes but remains on file. If the tenant re-contacts us we can still pursue the debt after write off.

What happens if a tenant dies and there are arrears outstanding?

A claim is made against the estate. If there is no estate we may consider writing off the debt.

Will the Council take legal action if I do not pay my debt?

We will ask the Court to make an Order to Repay the Debt. A Court Order will affect your credit rating and may make it more difficult to get credit.