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Information about rent arrears, how we can help prevent you building up arrears and what we will do to claim back your arrears.
  • Arrears preventionRent is your most important debt and should be paid before any other bills to ensure you keep a roof over your head.
  • Former tenancy arrearsA range of information about tenancy arrears for former tenants.
  • Garage Rent ArrearsGarage tenancies are held by both Council house occupiers and private tenants who have to pay VAT on garage rent.
  • Legal actionBefore taking any legal action, we will make sure advice is always available to you, and we have given enough warnings, including:
  • Rent ArrearsIf you are finding it difficult to pay your rent you should contact your Housing Officer as soon as possible.
  • Rent arrears hearingInformation about rent arrears hearings in North Kesteven.