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Tenants investigating services

Tenants investigating services

Holding your landlord to account

The Tenants Investigating Services group is a small group of tenants who investigate the service that tenants receive from North Kesteven District Council as a housing landlord.

They choose the topic they want to investigate and have access to all the officers, documents etc or consult with other tenants to find out their experience of the service and if it is up to standard. The group also look at how other landlord’s standards compare to NK.

The evidence they gather is used to produce a report with a range of recommendations for improvement for all NK tenants. This report is presented to the housing department managers who assess the recommendations and decide if they can be implemented. Managers are required to give reasons if recommendations are declined.

If you would like more information or would like to be involved please contact the Tenant Participation Team at North Kesteven District Council 01529 414155 or email us.

You can see previous reports in the downloads section.