Taking action against anti-social behaviour

Taking action against anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) such as noisy neighbours, graffiti, vandalism, harassment and violence can make life a misery for people.

Anti-social behaviour is a broad term used to describe the day to day incidents of crime, nuisance and disorder to makes many people’s lives a misery. This can be from litter, vandalism, to public drunkenness or aggressive dogs, to noisy or abusive neighbours.

Such a wide range of behaviour means that responsibility for dealing with ASB is shared between a number of agencies, particularly the police, Councils and social landlords.

We have powers and tools under the ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to establish evidence and take appropriate action.

North Kesteven District Council is proud to have one of the lowest crime rates in the country - this is a safe District to live in. However, in tackling anti-social behaviour, the Council also has to deal with the perception and potential for crime, and works in many different ways to do this.

What the Council can do

When an issue is reported, either via the police, another agency or by residents themselves, the Council will:

  • Investigate the matter
  • Speak to the people affected and assess their needs and evidence
  • Try to determine the culprits
  • Gather usable evidence
  • Take appropriate action to address the problem

The goal of any action is to:

  • Protect victims, witnesses and the community
  • Enable the perpetrator to understand the consequences of their behaviour
  • For the complaints to cease

Measures that can be used by Council, police, and other agencies include:

  • Warning letters and interviews, contracts, and agreements
  • Fixed penalty notices and penalty notices for disorder
  • Noise abatement notices
  • Injunctions
  • Dispersal powers
  • The powers under the 

As a landlord, the Council can also take action against the tenancy. This can include:

  • Tenancy Demotions
  • Possession proceedings (eviction)