Disabled Facilities Grant

Disabled Facilities Grant

Disabled Facilities grants are available across all tenures for a wide range of works to enable disabled people live independently in their own home.

The Council can fund adaptations for the following works:

  • Modifying a bathroom;
  • Installing a stairlift;
  • Moving a toilet;
  • Providing ramps for wheelchair access;
  • Making doorways wider;
  • Making sleeping and toilet facilities accessible;
  • Improving heating, lighting controls or power sources; and more.

North Kesteven District Council Grants Officers will deal with any request. For work to be carried out, adaptations must be reasonable and practicable. We consider the age, condition and layout of your home following an inspection. You will not get any grant if you have started work before the Council has approved your application.

An Occupational Therapist from Lincolnshire County Council will visit you to assess your needs and recommend what modifications are necessary and appropriate. These may be different from what you had in mind.

We will work with you and the Occupational Therapist to find the most straightforward and cost effective way of adapting your home.  Sometimes we will need more information from other people, such as your doctor or Medical Consultant.  How long adaptations take will depend on several factors, some of which are outside the District’s Council’s control, such as:

  • The workload of Occupational Therapists as to how long their assessment takes;
  • Demand and contractor availability;
  • The complexity of work.

Adaptations can take anywhere between a few weeks and a year or more to complete, depending upon the size of the job.

If you want to make an application, please contact Adult Social Care on 01522 782155 or the Children with Disabilities Team on 01522 782111. Use these numbers if you require and equipment or minor adaptations carrying out (minor adaptations for Council properties are carried out by the Housing Department). The following link will explain more:


If you would like to find out more, contact the District Council’s Customer Services Centre or send an email. If an Occupational Therapist from Social Services is already seeing you, they may be able to refer you to the District Council and tell us what you need.