Housing Strategies and Policies

Housing Strategies and Policies

Housing revenue account business plan 2016 -2046

A revised HRA Business Plan for 2016-2046 was approved by the Council in April 2016; the plan sets out the Council’s short-to-medium term plans and priorities for its Housing and Property services, and provides a long term (30 year) outlook on stock investment and financial planning.

Countywide Homelessness strategy

The County Council’s homelessness Strategy has been developed with the authorities other local plans, programmes and strategies. Further information can be found on the Lincolnshire Homelessness Strategy webpage.

Private sector housing renewal strategy

The Housing renewal strategy provides a basis of the Council’s work in relation to the private sector housing.

We also have a number of other finalised strategies, policies and consultation results from previous Housing Strategies. The documentation can be found in the ‘Downloads’ Tab above.

Tenancy Policy

The Tenancy Policy sets out NK’s approach to managing tenancies, and is supported by the Legal Action to Enforce Tenancies.