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Register for housing

Lincs Homefinder

System issues

We have been aware for some that the Lincs Homefinder site is unstable, often being unavailable at the start of advertising cycles. We have taken many steps in trying to resolve these problems but to date seen no improvement, so we have decided to change to another software provider. The new provider is the market leader with more than 200 councils working with them, with a stable website that is available 99.6% of the time. We appreciate the patience customers have shown and hope that our decision offers you some reassurance that we have taken your feedback seriously. We anticipate the new system being in place April 2018, between now and then we will continue to provide information about the new system and consult on a proposed revised letting policy, as this needs to reflect changes in legislation.

In the meantime, we do not underestimate the frustration this causes, advertising cycles are open from Wednesdays to 12 noon on Mondays, so strongly encourage you to avoid visiting the site on Wednesdays. When you place your bids does not affect your final position for a vacancy, as bids are added and removed throughout the bidding cycle, but please do not that no bid can be accepted outside the advertising cycle. If you have any difficulty at all please contact the Housing Options Team.

For those who want to join Lincs Homefinder:

If you want to apply for housing (Council and Housing Association owned) in Lincoln or North Kesteven you will need to register with Lincs Homefinder.

You can do this by going to the website Lincs Homefinder or by contacting the authority where you currently live. If you don’t already live in Lincoln or North Kesteven then you need to contact the authority where you wish to move to.

For those worried about losing your home:

If you think you are homeless or worried about losing your home, please go to our section on homelessness to see what we can do to help you or contact our offices and ask for the Housing Options Team. You can also contact us using our general enquiries form.