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Register for housing

Register for housing

 Lincs Homefinder

Some customers have experienced difficulties when accessing the Lincs Homefinder website. Please be assured that we are aware of this problem and currently working on a solution to resolve it, over the next couple of months we are upgrading our systems and you will hopefully notice the improvements.    

In the meantime, we do not underestimate the frustration this causes, and wish to advise you that we have identified that the site is busiest between 7am and 10am on Wednesday mornings which often causes the site to crash.  Advertising cycles are open from Wednesdays to 12noon on Mondays, so would strongly encourage you to avoid visiting the site on Wednesdays.   

When you place your bids does not affect your final position for a particular vacancy as bids against vacancies are added and removed throughout the bidding cycle, but please note no bids can be accepted outside the Wed to 12noon Monday time frame.

If you continue to experience difficulties please do not hesitate to contact our Housing Needs Section if you would like to bid (express an interest) on a particular vacancy as we can do this on your behalf. 

Changing the way we work - Lincs Homefinder

North Kesteven District Council has joined with City of Lincoln CouncilWest Lindsey District Council and Acis Group Limited to provide a joint choice based lettings scheme to help you find a suitable home in the area.

Choice based lettings (CBL) give you more choice in the area that you move to and the type of property that you live in.  Given the huge demand for social housing across central Lincolnshire properties are offered to families or individuals with the greatest housing need first.  We match family size to property size to ensure everyone is given an appropriate and affordable property for their needs.

You can download here the policy and a brief guide on how the scheme works. Otherwise for more information about the application process and how the scheme works after you have joined then visit Lincs Homefinder.

For existing housing register applicants:

Back in March 2013 you were sent confirmation of how your application has been assessed under the Lincs Homefinder scheme, login/password and how to place bids against vacancies.  If you need any assistance or have had a change in your circumstances please contact us.

For those who want to join Lincs Homefinder:

If you want to apply for housing (Council and Housing Association owned) in Lincoln, North Kesteven or West Lindsey you will need to register with Lincs Homefinder.

You can do this by going to the website Lincs Homefinder or by contacting the authority where you currently live.  If you don’t already live in Lincoln, North Kesteven or West Lindsey then you need to contact the authority where you wish to move to.

For those worried about losing your home:

If you think you are homeless or worried about losing your home, please go to  our section on homelessness to see what we can do to help you or contact our offices and ask for the Housing Needs Section or Email us.