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Lincolnshire homelessness strategy

Lincolnshire homelessness strategy

North Kesteven District Council is working in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council, all of the Lincolnshire District Councils and several other statutory and voluntary agencies to produce a Lincolnshire Homelessness Strategy 2012-2016, this partnership is called Lincolnshire Homelessness Strategy Group.

Our vision

Working together to ensure appropriate advice and assistance is readily available to everyone who is either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, therefore enabling its prevention or its solution in securing suitable accommodation.

Homelessness strategy

The partnership strives to develop and maintain the strategic aims developed for previous county-wide homelessness strategies; to continue

  • To prevent homelessness through early intervention and targeted prevention;
  • To increase access to good quality suitable accommodation;
  • To offer support where homelessness has already occurred.

Our priorities:

Homelessness remains a complex issue; compounded also by a time of austerity and economic challenge.  Following consultation with a wide range of stakeholders the following priorities were determined:

  • Prevention
  • Partnership working
  • Welfare and policy reform
  • Youth homelessness
  • Rough sleeping

An additional, overarching theme developed - ‘move on’ (a move from supported housing to independent living).  Whilst the strategy is structured around the five main priorities, the overarching theme of ‘move on’ is integrated into each priority.

A comprehensive action plan for these priorities underpins the Lincolnshire Homelessness Strategy 2012.

To view a copy of the full Homelessness Strategy Action Plan and Homelessness Guide, click on the downloads tab