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Important advice - tenant responsibilities

Important advice - tenant responsibilities

Pay your rent on time. Your landlord could seek possession of the property if you fall behind with your rent payments. If you are having problems paying your rent or other bills seek advice as soon as possible as this help could prevent you from losing your home. We can help if you’re worried about losing your home. Citizens advicealso has information available.

Don’t leave your home empty for long periods of time. If you need to spend any length of time away from your home, i.e. a lengthy hospital stay, holiday or to serve a custodial sentence, let your landlord know. If you are away during the winter months ensure there is adequate heating left on to prevent frozen pipes as the property could flood once thawed.

Report disrepair to your landlord or agent as soon as possible. Reporting a defect could prevent further damage being caused. Also your landlord should be given the opportunity to carry out repairs before the local authority become involved. If repairs are not first reported to your landlord the local authority may be unable to take enforcement action.

Give your landlord access to the property when needed. Your landlord or any representative must provide a minimum of 24 hours’ written notice of their intention to visit the property. Access can only be gained with your permission but if you unreasonably withhold access for repairs or maintenance then your landlord will not be able to fulfil their obligations under the tenancy and may look to take legal action to resolve the issue of access. We have online information available if you believe you are a  victim of harassment or illegal eviction.

Keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement. Also check your tenancy agreement regarding pets, smoking and your gardening obligations and keep your property heated and well ventilated to help avoid issues with  condensation and mould.

End your tenancy properly. If you do not end your tenancy in the right way you may still be liable for rent even if you are no longer living there. Refer to the terms of your tenancy agreement or speak with your landlord or agent about the correct way to end your tenancy.