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Electrical safety and electrical appliances

Electrical safety and electrical appliances

A landlord is required by law to make sure that the wiring in the property they rent is safe and that any appliances provided for the tenants use are safe.

The landlord should carry out regular basic safety checks to make sure the mains electrics and any appliances provided by them, such as cookers, washing machines, fridges and freezers, remain in good working order. If you live in a house in multiple occupation (HMO) the landlord must have the electrical installation inspected every five years by a suitably qualified person who will provide a certificate to the landlord.

If a tenant has any concerns about the safety of any electrical installations or appliances provided by the landlord they must report them immediately to the landlord. For further advice on reporting repairs go to the disrepair in your rented accommodation page.

For tips on electrical safety in your home read the electrical safety tips advice sheet.