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Rental payments

Rental payments

Check the rent amount before deciding to view the property. There may be some room for negotiations with the landlord on the rent, but do not rely on this being the case. Consider how you will be paying your rent and if it is affordable for you. Alternatively if you are going to be claiming Housing Benefit to assist with your rent payments you need to check your entitlement.

Ensure you pay your rent on time. Your landlord could seek possession of the property if you fall behind with your rent payments. If you are having problems paying your rent or other bills seek advice as soon as possible as this help could prevent you from losing your home. We can help if you’re worried about losing your home or alternatively contact the Citizens advice.

If you receive a notice from your landlord proposing a rent increase and you wish to consider disputing the new rent being proposed, please read the information within the following link Private renting - GOV.UK regarding rent disputes.

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