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Electrical safety

Electrical safety

Landlords are required by law to ensure that all electrical installations and appliances supplied by them in the rented property are safe. One way of helping to achieve these obligations is to have a qualified person carry out an inspection of the installation and appliances provided by the landlord on a regular basis, but as a minimum the Electrical Safety Council advises that landlords should:

  • Check the condition of wiring; check for badly fitted plugs; cracks and chips in casings; charring, burn marks or any other signs of defects.
  • Check the correct type and rating of fuses being used.
  • Ensure all supplied appliances are checked by a competent person on a regular basis (Portable Appliance Test) and that any damaged or defective appliances are removed from the property. Keep a record of all electrical appliances supplied and of their condition.
  • Make sure copies of the instruction booklets for each appliance are available to the tenants to ensure they are used correctly.
  • Avoid purchasing second hand appliances as these may not be safe.
  • Maintain records of all checks carried out by either yourself or any trades person.
  • If the property is an HMO landlords must ensure the electrical wiring is tested at no less than five yearly intervals by a qualified person, and supply a copy of the test certificate within seven days of the council requesting it.