Safe as Houses for landlords and tenants

Safe as Houses for landlords and tenants

Information for North Kesteven landlords and tenants.

The Housing Act 2004 gives local authorities responsibilities in ensuring that private sector housing conditions meet specific standards, and provides powers to take action where they do not. The Council recognises the importance of the private rented sector in providing good quality accommodation to help meet housing need, and acknowledges that majority of landlords maintain their property to a good standard. However there are some landlords who are either unaware of legislative requirement or those that wilfully flout the law, putting their tenants at risk due to the poor condition of their properties. Substandard housing can have a profound impact on both the physical and mental health of the occupants, as well as having a negative impact on its local surroundings.

  • Safe as Houses SchemeThis initiative seeks to raise the standard of private rented homes to achieve warmer, healthier home which are both easier to let and better to live in.
  • TenantsGuidance and help for tenants within the private sector.
  • LandlordsGuidance and help for landlords. Please make sure you comply with the law.
  • Landlords and tenants updates and eventsThere are regular updates including policy changes which both landlords and tenants need to be aware of.

The content of the Housing pages on this website is not an authoritative interpretation of the law but is meant as a general guide.  Any landlords or tenants who are unsure about whether they are affected by any of the provisions within these web pages should seek specialist advice.  NK is not responsible for the content and accuracy of external websites.

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