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Lincolnshire Energy Switch

Lincolnshire Energy Switch

Lincolnshire Energy Switch registration

Registration is open from Tuesday 8th August to Monday 9th October. Offer letters will be sent following this date. If you have accepted an offer previously you must re-register.

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Most people rarely change energy suppliers, but as the natural fuels (e.g. coal, gas, oil) needed to generate energy become scarcer, the cost of energy increases (electricity at around 10% a year, that’s 100% or double in 10 years!). The Lincolnshire Energy Switch aims to make it easier for residents to switch to a cheaper deal. Including those with prepayment and Economy 7 meters. It also factors in any discounts currently received.

This is a collective switching scheme. The more people registered the better (whether they switch or not). The Lincolnshire Energy Switch is the branding used by councils in Lincolnshire to promote a national scheme run by iChooser, ensuring residents can be confident they are using a genuine scheme.

There are four rounds each year. To register you will need your energy bills so you know how much you use in a year. If you are not sure call and ask your current supplier. Each round starts with a period of time when residents can register their details online. iChooser manage all online registrations, North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) receives no information and therefore any subsequent queries need to be made direct to iChooser. Those without internet access or who need support can register by phoning or visiting NKDC’s Customer Services Team at our Sleaford offices. The rest of the process will still be managed by iChooser, but NKDC will retain registration information so that if necessary we can continue to support these residents if they have queries and are happy to contact iChooser on their behalf.

When the registration period closes iChooser hold an auction and suppliers bid with their best offer for all the potential customers registered on the scheme. The winning supplier with the lowest tariff can change at each round. It is often one of the “big six” and residents save on average £200 a year. The winning supplier regularly offers a tariff only available through the switch. Green tariffs are not an option as part of the scheme, and not all energy providers participate, especially smaller ones.

iChooser send personal offers direct to residents, based on the energy information they provided, including any discounts being received or available. The offer will state whether there is a saving to be made by switching to the supplier who won the auction. A deadline for accepting your personal offer and requesting that your energy supplier and/or tariff be switched will also be included.

There is no obligation to switch, but being registered boosts numbers, helping to ensure suppliers offer the best deal.

If you do not switch you will be contacted again by iChooser in the next round so you can check for savings again. If you accept your personal offer and switch you will not be contacted again by iChooser (nor NKDC) and will need to re-register when your contract comes to an end.

This page will be updated as soon as the dates of each round are known. You can also sign up for the quarterly SustainNK newsletter which contains the dates for each round. To receive it by email contact sustainnk@n-kesteven.gov.uk , or to receive it by post call or write to NKDC (see the Contact Us section at the bottom of the page).

More information is available in the frequently asked questions section on iChooser’s website.

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