Emergency out of hours repairs

Emergency out of hours repairs

The out-of-hours emergency service operates during the following times:

  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday 8.00pm and 8.00am

  • Weekends: Friday 8.00pm to Mon 8.00am

  • Bank Holidays: 24 Hours

Kier on 01529 416399 for general building repairs brickwork, joinery, plumbing or electric heating.

Aaron Services on 01205 591979 for heating repairs (this does not including electric - please ring Kier on 01529 416399).

Emergency repairs will be attended to outside working hours when:

  • the fault poses a serious risk to health and safety

  • the fault poses a serious risk to the structure of the property

  • the property is not secure

If a serious fault occurs outside of normal working hours and is not safe to wait until the next working day, it should be reported to the out-of-hours emergency repairs service by telephoning the numbers above.

The tenant should be informed at the time of reporting, when they can reasonably expect a response (usually within 6 hours). If the repair does not require immediate attention, the hotline operative will advise the tenant of this and note the details and the tenant’s telephone number. The contact centre will call the tenant on the next working day and advise the tenant if the repair will be carried out and when. 

On occasion further works may be required after the emergency works have made the property safe. The contact centre will call the tenant on the next working day as above.

The work done may only be to make the situation safe. Prioritisation of emergency repairs will be at the discretion of the tradesman who attends to the job. It is important that the tenant explains their situation fully, and gives any other relevant details (eg if they are disabled, elderly, have young children or are otherwise vulnerable) so that the service can prioritise work correctly. The out-of-hours operative will refuse to accept the repair if it does not fall into the criteria for an emergency out-of-hours repair.

Certain emergency repairs EG heavily leaking radiators cannot be replaced immediately as parts are not kept in stock. In these instances the radiator will be repaired or isolated pending the delivery of parts. Lightly leaking taps, radiators, etc are not treated as an emergency.

The tenant will be charged a call out fee if they use the emergency call out service for a fault that is not a genuine emergency, or is a result of tenant misuse. This will be the cost of materials and the tradesman’s time.

Some repairs listed under the Right to Repair scheme require a response by the end of the next working day. These are clearly indicated in the repair targets for completion, see below attachment “Right to Repair” we aim to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently and generally keep our properties in a good state of repair.