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10 year replacement programme

10 year replacement programme

This programme has been established using age as the main criteria.

The Council has used the installation years for the individual elements and applied the Expected Life Spans as below:

  • Roof Covering 65 years

  • Doors 40 years

  • Windows 40 years

  • Kitchen 30 Years

  • Bathroom 40 Years

  • Heating Boiler 15 Years

  • Heating System 40 Years

This programme is subject to the following:

  • Funding being available.

  • The indicated year is the latest year that the it is intended to carry out the work.

The work identified could be undertaken sooner for reasons such as

  • Tenants refusals.

  • Disabled Adaptations being needed.

  • Additional funding being available.

At the beginning of each financial year you will be notified by letter if you have been included in the programme for that year.