I want to be a council tenant in North Kesteven

In response to the developing situation surrounding Covid-19 Coronavirus, our Housing services are not running as per usual. Please take a look at our Covid-19 Housing Services guidance. For more information please see our Coronavirus webpage.

Lincs Homefinder

Register for housing

If you want to apply for housing (Council and Housing Association owned) in Lincoln or North Kesteven you will need to register with Lincs Homefinder.

You can do this by going to the website Lincs Homefinder or by contacting the authority where you currently live. If you don’t already live in Lincoln or North Kesteven then you need to contact the authority where you wish to move to.

Please note that Lincs Homefinder is changing from 26th January 2021. To find more information please see our Changes to Lincs Homefinder document.

Housing associations

As well as North Kesteven District Council, social and affordable housing is also provided by Registered Providers, more commonly known as housing associations, they run as businesses but they do not trade for profit.

Any surplus money is ploughed back into the organisation to maintain existing homes and to help build new ones. Although the larger sized housing associations usually have paid staff, a committee or board of management made up of volunteers, has overall responsibility for the work of the organisation. All registered housing providers must have written policies on the type of housing services they provide, who can apply for housing and how applications will be considered.

Most will work closely with local authorities and house some people from the council housing register. The registered provider will advise the Council of a forthcoming vacancy and ask for applicants to be nominated. The Council will advertise these vacancies alongside their own at Lincs Homefinder, where eligible applicants can place bids and they are advised if they have been nominated, it is important to note that some times there is additional lettings or local connection criteria that is prioritised.

Some Registered Providers can help people to buy their own property through low cost home ownership, various schemes are available through Help to Buy.

We recommend you are registered with both ourselves and the individual registered providers, please see attachment below for contact details.