Rehousing decision appeal

All applicants have the right to ask for a review of a decision, if they consider they have been unfairly or unreasonably treated. For example, a decision about:

  • Refusal or removal from the Housing Register
  • Type of property or number of points awarded
  • Suitability of accommodation offered

Requests for a review should be addressed initially to the Housing Needs Manager. In some circumstances requests will be referred to the Housing Review Panel (HARP) or the Head of Housing and Property Services, for a review of a decision.

You should request a review, preferably in writing, stating your reasons for wanting a review. If you experience difficulty you can ask a member of staff, an independent person or agency to help you.

Your review request will be acknowledged within 2 working days. The Reviewing Officer or Panel may also ask you to provide more information. They will give careful consideration to your request and any additional information you provide. You will be notified of the decision, usually within 5 days of receipt of all relevant information.

If you are unhappy with the review decision, you may make a complaint via the Council’s formal complaints procedure.