North Kesteven District Council Garages

The District Council has a number of garages located within the District which it rents out to residents. You do not have to be a council tenant to rent one of our garages.

There are currently garages available at the following locations – if you are interested in renting a garage, please complete the Garage Application Form.

If you would like a paper copy of this form, please contact the Housing Department.

The cost of renting a garage ranges from £6.91 per week to £12.96 depending on location and circumstances.

Below is a list of all of the areas where the Council has garages which it rents out to residents. If you would like a garage in one of these locations then you can complete the form and be placed on a waiting list for when a garage becomes available in your preferred area.

Please be aware that not all of the garages below may have current availability.

Location of North Kesteven District Council Garages

BillinghayThe Whyche
Bracebridge HeathSt Johns Square
BranstonAbel Smith Garden
BranstonJohnson Villas
Brant BroughtonRobinson Place
CranwellSt Johns Close
CranwellThorold Avenue
DorringtonDixon Avenue
Great HaleMagna Crescent
HeckingtonHigh Street
HeckingtonChurchill Way
Kirkby la ThorpeMount Lane
LeadenhamNorth Road
MetheringhamPrincess Margaret Avenue
NoctonWellhead Lane
RowstonSt Clements Close
RuskingtonNorthfield Road
RuskingtonCornwall Way
RuskingtonPinfold Way
ScopwickSpringfield Estate
ScredingtonChurch Lane
SkellingthorpeHodson Close
SleafordButtler Way
SleafordHazel Grove
SleafordRhodes Avenue
SleafordSibthorpe Court
SleafordAlmond Walk
SleafordChurch Lane
SleafordGeorge Street
SleafordNewton Way
SleafordRobertson Drive
SleafordSt Giles Avenue
South RaucebyBeech Rise
Thorpe on the HillSempers Close
WaddingtonMillers Road
WaddingtonStone Lane