Crematorium and cemeteries

You can find information about registering a death on the Lincolnshire County Council website. You cannot finalise the date for a funeral until you have registered the death. The date may also be affected if the death has to be reported to the coroner. also has information available to help with what to do after someone dies and repatriation of a deceased body.

We do not offer green burial provision, but further information can be found at Green burial.

  • Help with bereavementThe time after someone close to you has died can be very hard, and it can be difficult to cope on your own.
  • Cremation without a funeral directorIf it often assumed that cremations can only be carried out by a funeral director. However this is not correct.
  • Buying a grave and ordering a memorialNormally, a funeral director will help to make the necessary arrangements for buying a grave and ordering a memorial.
  • Cremations and funeralsInformation about arranging funerals and cremations.
  • Funeral expensesA funeral director will estimate the cost of the service before you are asked to sign an authorisation for him or her to proceed.
  • Ordering a memorialBefore ordering a memorial, you should ask the funeral director for advice and seek permission from the authority that operates the cemetery.
  • Exhuming a bodyIf you wish to exhume buried or cremated remains, a Home Office licence is usually required.
  • National assistance burialsSometimes, when a person dies, there is no-one available to take responsibility for arranging their funeral.