Voter ID pilot - 2 May 2019

On Thursday 2 May 2019, North Kesteven District Council took part in the Cabinet Office’s voter identification trial for the District and Parish council elections.

North Kesteven used the Mixed ID model which was felt to offer the widest choice of different identification options for electors to use. Electors were required to show either one form of photo ID from a choice of 10 or two forms of non-photo ID from a choice of 18. One of the non-photo ID needed to also show the electors registered address.

Figures demonstrate that out of the voters who attended a polling station, 99.64% of electors provided the right form of photographic ID. In total, 68 people (0.36%) brought the wrong ID or attended with no ID and were not issued with a ballot paper.

The Electoral Commission independently monitored the pilot, alongside the Cabinet Office. Please use these links to read the evaluation reports from both organisations.