European Parliamentary elections

North Kesteven forms part of the East Midlands region and there are currently five MEP’s. The most recent Parliamentary elections were held in May 2014 and further information on who was elected is available on the European Parliament website.

The next Parliamentary election is scheduled for 2019 - in order to stand as a candidate you:

  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must be a qualifying Commonwealth (including British) citizen or a Republic of Ireland citizen.

You cannot stand as a candidate if the following apply:

  • Any person disqualified from being an MP under the House of Commons Act 1975.
  • Any person disqualified from being an MP for any constituency any part of which is within the appropriate European Parliamentary electoral region.
  • Lords of Appeal in Ordinary (“Law Lord”)
  • Members of the government of any member state.
  • Officials of the European Union.
  • A citizen of the Union disqualified under the law of the Member State of which they are a national.

For more information about this type of election, visit the Electoral Commission’s website.