Service voters

People serving in the UK’s armed forces, and their spouses, are entitled to register either as ordinary electors, or through a separate process called service registration. Service registration is particularly useful if you are likely to be posted to different places or are regularly serving away from home, and therefore run the risk of missing the autumn household registration process.

Service voter registrations remain valid for a 5 year period. Service voters should therefore ensure that any correspondence address details and address changes for postal ballot papers are kept up-to-date within that period, as otherwise their ballot papers may be sent to the wrong address. Service voter registrations have to be renewed before the 5 years have expired to stay current and Electoral Services will send the relevant renewal forms 3 months before a registration is due to expire.

The main advantage of registering in this way is that you can appoint a proxy without the need for your employer to support your application. Also, the reminder to renew your registration can be sent to a correspondence address rather than to the address where you are registered, from which you may be absent for long periods.

If you would like to apply to register as a Service Voter or as the spouse of a Service Voter, you can Register to vote online. If you need any further information please contact our Electoral Services team who will be happy to help.

Please note that service voter details will not appear on annual canvass communications sent to properties. However, this does not necessarily mean that you are not registered. Please contact Electoral Services to check before making any response to your canvass communication, to avoid unnecessary duplicate registrations or any delay in responding which would result in a visit to your property.