Crown Servants

You can register as a Crown Servant or British Council Employee if you are not a member of the armed forces but you are employed in the service of the Crown or British Council in a post outside the UK. A spouse living abroad with an employee of the Crown or British Council may also register in this way.

Registration as a Crown Servant will only last for twelve months so registrations must be renewed annually. Applications can be renewed by completing the form which will be sent by Electoral Services or by making a new online application on the website.

This category of elector may either appoint a proxy or choose to vote themselves by post. If a postal vote is chosen, please remember to take into account the length of time it may take for post to travel in either direction to and from an overseas address, as postal ballot papers may only be sent around 2-3 weeks before Polling Day and must be received by Polling Day in order to be counted.

If you would like to apply to register as a Crown Servant or as the spouse of a Crown Servant, you can apply online at the website. If you need any further information please contact our Electoral Services team who will be happy to help.