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Anonymous registration

Anonymous registration

If your personal safety would be at risk from your name appearing on the Voters List, you may be able to register anonymously. Whilst new rules were introduced in 2007 which will allow some people to register in this way, they are exceptionally strict and are set out in law.

To qualify, you will need either:

1. A current Court Order or Injunction which is for the protection of or benefit to either you or someone in your household; or

2. qualified person needs to support your application. That person must be:

  • A police officer of or above the rank of superintendent in any police force in the UK
  • Director General of the Security Services or the Serious Organised Crime Agency
  • A Director of Adult Social Services or Children’s Services in England, a Director of Social Services in Wales,
  • A Chief Social Work Officer in Scotland, a Director of Social Services or an Executive Director of Social Work in Northern Ireland

Please note: The qualifying officer does not have to be based in the same area as the applicant, but the attestation cannot be delegated to a more junior person within their organisation.

If you would like to apply to register in this way, please contact our Electoral Services team who will be happy to help. This type of application must be renewed annually.

Electoral Services

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Tel: 01529 308238
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