Annual Canvass 2020

What is the annual canvass?

Every year, we are required by law to conduct an annual canvass to make sure the electoral register is up to date. The purpose of the canvass is to identify everyone who should be on the electoral register.

The way the annual canvass is carried out has changed this year following the introduction of new legislation by the Government.

In June, data from the electoral register was sent to Central Government to match against their records. If all data for a property matched, a Canvass Communication A (CCA) form was sent which asked for details to be checked. If all details were still correct a response was not required. However, if changes were needed a response was required.

If some or all records for a property did not match, then a Canvass Form (CF) was sent. A response to this form was required.

If you did not respond to CF, you will have received a reminder in August. This is the Canvass Communication B (CCB) form. This requires a response.

Household visits commencing 1 October 2020

If you received a form which required a response and have not yet done so, you will either receive a visit from a canvasser or a telephone call from a member of our staff asking you to complete the information required. Visits may take place in the evenings and weekends as well as during weekdays.

All canvasser will carry photographic ID and will be happy to show it to you. They will be following social distancing protocol to keep you and them safe, and will wear a form of Personal Protective Equipment (face shield).

To avoid a visit or a telephone call, please respond to your canvass communication (CF or CCB) immediately. Your form will show you all the different ways on how to respond, but the easiest way to respond is online. You will need the two part security code printed on letter to complete. Other methods detailing how to respond are shown on the letter.

Impact of Covid-19 on the 2020 canvass

This year's canvass is taking place during a challenging public health situation. The canvass has not been suspended as a result of COVID-19. We are working to ensure that we take account of public health guidelines, including the continued importance of social distancing. If the communication you have received from us requires a response, we kindly ask you to please consider responding either online, by telephone or text wherever possible to avoid the need for additional contact.