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What is changing?

What is changing?

The Council has to consider every year if it plans to revise or amend its Council Tax Support scheme by 31st January. A public consultation has to take place on any possible changes that are being proposed.

The Council takes into account the results of its public consultation along with the views of Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire County Council because they also fund the scheme.  The Government announces how much grant the Council is going to get just before Christmas and then the Executive Board and Council decide on the final changes to the Council Tax Support scheme during January.

The Council, taking into account the loss of grant funding, the responses to consultation and the need to protect the most vulnerable groups – the sick and disabled, carers, war pensioners and pension-age households – it has decided to change the scheme in the following ways for working age applicants;

  •  Non-dependent deductions are now £0, £5, £10, £15 and £20 a week depending on the circumstances of the non-dependent(s) living in the household
  • Maximum entitlement is 90% of the Council Tax for that dwelling
  • Minimum entitlement threshold is £3.50 a week
  • A self-employment minimum income threshold now applies after the first twelve months
  • The first £50 a week of child maintenance is ignored in the calculation
  • The rate at which entitlement tapers off is now 30p in the £1
  • The capital limit is £8,000
  • Entitlement in Council Tax dwellings in valuation band E, F, G and H is restricted to that of a Band D dwelling

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