I have received a reminder

It is the Council’s aim to collect all statutory instalments of Council Tax as they become due. Initially a bill is issued for an annual charge, giving details of the instalments payable.

The first stage of recovery on a late instalment is a reminder notice. It is our aim to be responsive to individual circumstances and where possible, we will attempt to make a reasonable and mutually acceptable arrangement for you to pay.

It is important that you contact the Council immediately if you are having difficulty in paying. Ignoring a reminder will result in the loss of the right to pay by instalments, and the remaining balance then becomes due in one lump sum payment.

Following a reminder notice, Council Tax staff may be able to make an arrangement to clear the arrears. We are usually prepared to spread any arrears over the remaining instalment period, provided a Direct Debit is set up with your bank and payments are honoured.

Only a maximum of 2 reminders will be served in any one financial year. You will only receive a second reminder if you have complied with the terms of the first reminder and have again fallen behind with your payments.

If you do not pay by Direct Debit an agreement may still be reached, however the Council is not legally bound to make such an agreement and will need to apply for a Liability Order at an additional cost.

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit please phone 01529 308266.