For advice on whether any of the following discounts apply contact Council Tax.    

Apply for a Council Tax discount/exemption online

Please note that this online form is hosted on the City of Lincoln website as the two authorities work together to provide the revenues and benefits service in our area.

If you own an empty property a discount of 25% may apply. If the empty property is unfurnished, a full exemption may be claimed for up to two months from the date the property was last occupied, and thereafter the 75% charge is due.

In normal circumstances properties that have been empty for over two years will be charged 150% of the tax currently set. If your property is undergoing structural alterations and is empty you may be entitled to a 25% discount for up to one year.

If you are the only adult occupant (single occupancy) of your property you can claim a discount of 25%.

People under 18, or in one of these groups, listed below, are NOT included when counting the number of people living in your home:

  • most full-time students, student nurses and some apprentices
  • the partner of a student or the dependant of a student who is not a British citizen and is not allowed to work in this country or claim benefits
  • people who are long-term patients in hospital or who live in care homes

  • people who are severely mentally impaired

  • 18 and 19-year-olds still eligible for child benefit

  • school and college leavers (from April to October if they are under 20 years old)

  • low paid care workers (usually employed by charities)

  • residents of hostels for the homeless or night shelters

  • carers looking after someone who is not their partner and not a child of their own who is under 18 years old

  • members of religious communities

  • members of visiting armed forces and international institutions

  • diplomats

  • people in prison (except those in prison for not paying their Council Tax)

If all residents of a property are disregarded then a 50% discount applies, if all except one resident (single occupancy) qualify for a disregard then a 25% discount will apply.