Discretionary housing payments

Apply for a discretionary housing or exceptional hardship payments

‘Discretionary housing payments’ (DHP) is a fund of money that we are allowed to use to top up housing benefit where we think someone needs extra financial help to pay their rent.

It is completely separate from the housing benefit scheme and it is up to us to decide if a payment is to be made.

Exceptional hardship payments (EHP) is additional funding to assist with your Council Tax payments. If awarded, this would be paid on top of your Council Tax Support entitlement.

You just need to ask us for a DHP and/or EHP. It will help if you tell us why you need the extra payment; the more detail you give us about why you think you need the extra payment, the easier it will be for us to decide whether we should pay one.

You can apply for a DHP and/or EHP using our online DHP form, or alternatively you can contact us by one of the following methods:

  • Phone: 01529 414155
  • E-mail: nkbenefits@lincoln.gov.uk
  • Fax: 01529 308306

  • Write to: Revenues and Benefits, PO Box 1257, Lincoln, LN5 5PQ