Council Tax and Housing Benefit - Do it Digitally

On this page you can find a list of Council Tax forms that you can use to let the Council know about changes in your circumstances, to apply for discounts and more. Some of these forms are in beta version and have been rushed forward to deal with the consequences of Covid-19.

Here you can make a payment online.

Make a payment

Use this form to tell the Council that you have:

  • moved into the area;
  • moved out of the area;
  • moved within the area.

Report a move

Use this to tell the Council that someone has:

  • joined your household
  • left your household

Report a change

Here you can make a claim for Council Tax support and housing benefit.

Make a claim

To report a change in your:

  • Contact details such as name or telephone number (etc)

Report changes

For any other problem, request or query please get in touch via our enquiry form.

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