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What is Planning Online?

Planning Online enables you to search, view and comment on planning applications online. You will also have the ability to create a personal account and manage your interest in multiple planning applications. To help you get the best out of the  service we have created a Planning Online user guide.

Please note the following things:

  • Under the Consultee Comments section, please note that the wording ‘No consultations have been made on this case’ does not mean they have not been consulted, it means that the consultee it refers to has not yet made comment on the application or on revisions to the application. We apologise for any confusion caused and are working with our system supplier to ask for the wording to be amended.
  • To conduct a full site history search you must select the Map tab and search the application site from there. Related cases in the related cases tab will only show applications prior to the application you're viewing and will not show anything received since.
  • When searching for a historic record, such as N/36/0001/09, you will need to enter the year first followed by the application number (for example: 09/0001).
  • The Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985 requires that any written correspondence must be made available for public inspection. It is not therefore possible to treat your comments in confidence and any correspondence, including names and addresses, will be open to both press and public and will be available on the Council’s website. In the event of an appeal against refusal of an application, your comments may also appear on the Planning Portal website.
  • Please note when making comments your session may time out after an hour. Therefore, we suggest typing the comments up in word and copying/pasting in to the section on planning online.
  • When commenting on an application, and should you wish your representation to be noted as an objection, please make this clear in your correspondence by including the word object/objection within the text. If in support of the application, again make this clear in your representation.