CON29 component data

Access to Information for the CON29 - Enquiries of Local Authority Form.

In complying with Government guidance issued in January 2008, North Kesteven District Council is committed to providing access to all publicly available records held by the Council and all unrefined data required to complete the CON29 enquiries of the Local Authority form, from 6 April 2009.

CON29 Information that is publicly available

Find out which information is publicly available.

There is some information that is not held on public registers but can still be viewed by the public. Contact Building Regulations staff if you wish to see either:

  • Building Control Notices
  • Contravention of Building Regulations

CON29 Information that is not publicly available

The information needed to answer the following CON29 questions that are not held publicly are:

  • 1.1.j-l, Building Regulations and competent persons scheme
  • 3.7 a-d and f Outstanding notices
  • 3.8 Contravention of building regulations
  • 3.9a-n Notices, orders, directions and proceedings under Planning Acts
  • 3.11b Unimplemented Conservation Areas
  • 3.13b-c contaminated land

How to apply for a CON29 component data (EIR)

If you wish to apply for CON29 component data you can choose from two ways:

Under Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) if you wish to inspect the data needed for a CON29 please make a written application or emailing direct to Freedom of information (FOI) Officer providing the following:

  • The address of the property required
  • Plan of the property/land in question clearly marked at 1250 or 2500 scale
  • The numbers of the CON29 questions required.
  1. The FOI Officer will contact the departments for the answers to the relevant questions and will arrange a time for you to inspect the appropriate information at the Council offices. There is no fee charged.


  2. You can request the local land charge section to complete a report on your behalf. A report will be compiled and the completed report will be emailed direct to you. There is a charge for this service as set out on the application form. An application form is available on the download tab at the top of this page. To submit the application please complete the form, and then you can email, post, or leave the completed form on Customer Services together with a location plan of the property required. Our address is Council Offices, Kesteven Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7EF, and mark it for the attention of Local Land Charges. 

The compiled answers will be provided on a report. This report is recorded on the Land Charge computer system and a replacement copy of the report can be provided. Contact the local land charge section if you need a replacement.

Please note that if you choose to ask the local land charge to do the work for you there will be a fee which allows the Council to recover its reasonable maintenance and support costs for this necessary open access on a cost recovery basis. The details of the fees for each question are on the download application form. Payment should be either by cheque, credit/debit card or a pre-arranged account.

Payment must be made at the time of the application. Please note we are unable to accept cash payment.