HGV Apprentice

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What is the apprenticeship?

North Kesteven District Council is seeking a Specialist HGV Apprentice (Level 3) to start in September 2021. If you are motivated, driven and enthusiastic, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to earn while your learn, and gain a nationally-recognised qualification. 


  • Service Area - Waste and Street Scene Depot, Metheringham
  • Apprenticeship - Level 3 HGV Technician
  • Provider - Remit Training
  • Closing date - 30 May 2021


  • New starters under 21 years old - £10,477
  • After 12 months service or once NVQ is completed - £12,792
  • Entrants aged over 21 years old or those who on entry to the scheme hold a degree will receive the Living Wage - £18,328


  • 3.5 year fixed-term contract
  • Local Government Pension Scheme
  • Healthcare Scheme


 You can apply for this apprenticeship on the Remit Training website.