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Health Trainer Service

The Health Trainer Service is available to people 16 years and over. The Health Trainer service is free.

If you wish to get in touch with a Health Trainer, you can refer yourself, using our online referral form. Please note that face to face appointments are currently limited owing to the ongoing Covid-19 situation and the initial contact with this service will be either via phone or email.

Other services/partners/agencies who work with your local Health Trainer include:

  • Carres Grammar School

  • OneYou Lincolnshire

  • Sleaford Medical Group

  • Local fitness instructors

  • Better Gym (Healthwise)

  • Diabetes Specialists

Thinking about improving your health and wellbeing?

The NKDC Health Trainer provides one-to-one and group support to help you do this.

Need help to live a healthier lifestyle?

Health Trainers work with you to set goals towards living a healthier lifestyle. They can offer support, encouragement, and motivation to help you achieve your goals.

Need support to be more active?

Health Trainers can provide information on relevant groups, clubs, services and activities taking place in your local area. They can also attend a group meeting with you to offer support and encouragement.  Health Trainers can help with referrals to specialist services such as referrals to the Healthwise exercise scheme and the OneYou Move More programme.

Need support with food, meal planning or diet?

The Health Trainer can provide up to date relevant health information on this and a number of other health related topics. They can support you to lose weight with regular meetings, weigh-ins, goal setting and recipe ideas.  NKDC have a 10 week weight management programme called Fit For Life NK, or a 12 month programme called Be The Better You.  Both programmes include an educational part looking at food groups, portion sizes, fats, sugars, eating out, mental health, goal setting, diabetes and cholesterol.  During the course of a programme, each meeting will include a low-impact physical activity which is optional.

Need help to stop smoking or reduce your alcohol intake?

Health Trainers can offer support in this. They can provide information on different methods available to stop smoking and refer you to local services such as OneYou Lincolnshire for help with smoking cessation and alcohol reduction.