UKSPF project list


North Kesteven has an approved UKSPF Investment Plan which can be found on our UKSPF page. The Investment Plan is a high-level document, but the following provides an overview of projects aimed to be delivered by the fund by March 2025:

Feasibility studies

Project Overview
River Slea East West Leisure Link Feasibility Feasibility study to look at how to maximise recreational and leisure uses connected with the river as it passes through the town centre. Key elements include pedestrian & cycling connections and a review of, and options for, potential development sites.
Streetscape and Public Ream Enhancement Feasibility Feasibility study to look at detailed streetscape/public realm enhancements within the town centre, based on principles in the streetscape design manual, with high quality approach to public realm supporting distinctive identity and heritage. Key streets/areas to be focused on include Southgate, Carre Street and Sleaford Station. The study will also explore how to improve layout and quality of pedestrian routes in Sleaford town centre to encourage more travel on foot.
New Hotel and Conference Feasibility Feasibility study to explore the specific requirement for a new hotel & conference facility for Sleaford.
Castle Field Site Feasibility Feasibility study to explore options for increasing the accessibility, amenity, and use of Castle Field, as a key historical site within the town centre.

Revenue and capital projects

Project Overview
Monument Gardens and highlighting Sleaford Museum Enhance the garden space outside Sleaford Museum to create a stronger identity and sense of arrival. The project will look to better connect this space to the public realm around Handley Monument.
Highlighting Handley Monument Redesign public realm to improve setting of Handley Monument.
Nag’s Head Passage Improvements Improvements to the appearance of the passage, considering personal security issues, to promote the route as a direct connection for Sleaford Castle, the station, and the town centre.
Ginnel Enhancement Programme Improvements to the appearance of the ginnels/alleyways across Sleaford town centre.
Shop Front and Building Improvements Grants Grant scheme to encourage improvements to building façades and frontages within the Sleaford town centre.
Sleaford Market Place Public Realm Public realm improvements to the historic Market Place with an enhanced setting for St Deny’s Church and the War Memorial.
Sleaford Signage Additional new wayfinding signage within Sleaford town centre.
Sleaford Trip Boat Purchase of a river boat to run pleasure trips between the Hub and Cogglesford Mill as an attraction for residents and visitors.
Sleaford Castle Exhibition Provide a dedicated Castle exhibition space within Sleaford town centre that can include digital and physical exhibits to serve as the starting point for a visit to the Sleaford Castle site.
Sleaford Heritage Trail Additions Expand existing heritage trail with additional places, trail markers, and interpretation panels at key destinations.
Events programme Develop & deliver an events programme for Sleaford, building on the success of the Sleaford Riverlight Festival.
Business Support A package of measures to support local businesses across North Kesteven.
Social Media training Flexible and accessible Social Media training for businesses across North Kesteven.
Active Travel - Shared & Micro Mobility Pilot project to introduce mobility hubs to Sleaford. These could feature shared bikes, e-bikes and or scooters or e-scooters to encourage sustainable and active travel.
Move Project A support project, run by Voluntary Centre Services, to help people into paid work via a range of learning, skills, and work-related activities.
Mind, Body & Spirit Mind, Body & Spirit is a modular programme of interactions, run by the YMCA, to meet the needs of young people in Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4.
Employability & Skills A programme to support economically inactive people to prepare to return to the workplace via a 6-week programme of training.
Youth Engagement Programme A programme, run by YMCA, to inspire young people to be central to the building of inclusive and safe neighbourhoods, providing opportunities to actively engage in participatory programmes that give assistance to them to make positive change.
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