ECO4 Grant Scheme

Enjoy a cosy home with this government funded scheme, delivered by energy companies. Through ECO4 you can access funding for energy saving home improvements:

  • Insulation
  • Boilers and central heating
  • Solar and renewable energy technologies

The Council can now approve even more applicants under ECO4-flex. These are set out in the North Kesteven District Council Statement of Intent.

There are three routes for approval:

  1. Income – households with a gross household income of under £31,000.
  2. Proxies – households that meet a combination of two proxies. Examples of proxies include homes in areas of high multiple deprivation and households receiving a Council Tax rebate.
  3. NHS Referral – households identified as low-income and vulnerable, with an occupant whose health conditions may be impacted further by living in a cold home.

If you are a homeowner or tenant and would like to know more about ECO4-flex please read our ECO Flex Guidance for Householders. If your query cannot be answered within the guidance document and you would like to discuss this further, please contact a member of the council’s Climate Change Team at
If you are an installer and want to know how to access ECO4-flex on behalf of a North Kesteven householder, please read our ECO Flex Guidance for Installers.

How to apply

If you are a householder interested in this scheme, please call YES Energy Solutions on 03309 126199 or contact them online.