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When are flies most prevalent?

In the UK, the majority of fly complaints are made throughout the late spring to summer months. This is because flies are able to thrive and grow most effectively in a combination of hot and wet conditions. It is therefore natural and expected to see an increase in fly numbers in the countryside during these seasons. However, sometimes if the number of flies is out of the ordinary it may be possible that other factors are causing a spike in the fly population (see below for more details).

What can cause an abnormally large number of flies?

Whilst the increase in fly numbers is inevitable each year, it may be possible that if you have an unusually high number of flies they may be coming from a substantial breeding medium, such as a large accumulation of untreated, wet manure or poorly managed livestock buildings. If you have concerns about the number of flies, please fill out the form above or contact the Council’s Environmental Health department. Please remember that it is very difficult to know where a fly has originated from and the location details of the suspected source are very important and may be crucial to Council investigations.

Please note that North Kesteven District Council does not provide a pest control service.

What fly control measures can you take at home?

There are some simple fly control measures you can use at home.

  • Make sure that all food and drink items are covered or sealed and clean spills quickly.
  • Keep rubbish bins closed and ensure they are emptied regularly.
  • Keep pet feeding and litter areas clean.
  • Fix drips and eliminate any areas of excess moisture.
  • Keep doors, windows and vents closed when not in use. Cover other possible fly entry areas, such as around vents, cracks and holes in the house siding, windows or doors.
  • Fly papers and electric UV fly traps are useful indoor measures.
  • Baited fly traps are very effective outdoors and can be bought online.
  • Fly curtains / screens can stop flies getting into the house whilst allowing you to keep your windows and doors open during the hot weather.