Dangerous dogs

Dangerous Dogs

The Police are the only authority that can deal with a dangerous dog.  The Local Authority has no means or legislation to deal with dangerous dogs. The Dangerous Dogs act 1991 is for the Police to enforce. You should contact the police if:

  • If a dog is dangerously out of control, has bitten a person or animal or is likely to bite.
  • If the dog is suspected to be one of four banned breeds – Pit Bull Terrier-type, Japanese Tosa, Fila Braziliero or Dogo Argentino.
  • If a person is breeding, selling, giving away or advertising for sale a banned breed of dog.
  • If a dog has been worrying livestock.

Our Dog Collection service will not accept a dangerous dog and the kennels cannot accept them, so only the Police can deal with a dangerous dog. 

Roaming dogs

We can only write to the dog owner if the address is known.

XL Bully Dog Exemption Information

As you may have seen, the UK Government has released more details about the exemption process for XL Bully-type dog owners. 

From 1 February 2024, it will be a criminal offence to own a dog of this type unless owners have successfully applied for them to be exempt in England and Wales by 31st January 2024. You can now view information about the exemption process on the gov.uk website

You can find more information about the process by visiting the RSPCA website.