Parliamentary Boundary Review 2023

New Parliamentary Consituency Boundaries

The new parliamentary constituency boundaries proposed under the ‘2023 Review’ were approved on 15 November and come into force from 29 November 2023. They will take from the next General Parliamentary election.

What is the 2023 Review

Parliament asked the Boundary Commission for England to review the Parliamentary constituency boundaries to rebalance the number of electors in each constituency. Due to population changes since the last review, the number of electors in some constituencies was much higher than in others. The 2023 Boundary Review ensured each MP represents roughly the same number of electors (between 69,724 and 77,062). 

The number of constituencies in England also increased from 533 to 543. 

More information about the 2023 Review can be found by visiting the Boundary Comission for England page on the website.

Constituency Boundaries in North Kesteven

The ‘Sleaford and North Hykeham Constituency’ is within the East Midlands Region. The district of North Kesteven is split between three constituencies of ‘Sleaford and North Hykeham’, ‘Grantham and Bourne’ and ‘Lincoln’.

To see an interactive map of the new parliamentary boundaries, visit the Boundary Commission for England website for the 2023 Review.

Timetable for the 2023 Review

  • January 2021: Begin development of initial proposals.
  • Spring 2021: Publish ‘Guide to the 2023 Review’, and ward-level electorate figures for areas with ‘prospective’ wards.
  • 8 June – 2 August 2021: Publish initial proposals and conduct eight-week written consultation.
  • 7 February 2022: Publish submissions made in the first consultation.
  • 22 February – 4 April 2022: Publish responses to initial proposals and conduct six-week ‘secondary consultation’, including between two and five public hearings in each region.
  • 8 November – 5 December 2022: Publish revised proposals and conduct four-week written consultation.
  • 27 June 2023: Submit and publish final report and recommendations.
  • 28 June 2023: Final report laid before Parliament.
  • 15 November 2023: Approval granted for new constituency boundaries to come into force on 29 November 2023 and take effect from the next General Parliamentary election.
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Some FAQs

Will the changes affect my local council services, bin collections or schools, for example?

No. The boundary changes only relate to Parliamentary constituencies (the area an MP is elected to represent in Parliament). Services and council tax in your local area are set by your local authority and this review does not change local authority boundaries.

Who conducts the review?

The Boundary Commission for England has carried out the 2023 review. There is a Boundary Commission for each of the four parts of the UK who each determine the constituency boundaries in their area. 

A statutory formula is applied to the electorate figures to share out the 650 constituencies across the four countries of the UK and all regions.